Keune So Pure Moisturizing Christmas Packs

Keune So Pure Moisturizing Christmas Packs

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Dry hair in need of moisture? Then this pack from the Keune So Pure range is designed for you.

The Keune So Pure Moisturizing regimen restores natural hydration, ensuring dry hair is strengthened and shine is boosted! Organic oils are used to restore natural balance to dry and damaged hair.

This pack also contains the Keune So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, a paraben free treatment oil to provide your hair with additional conditioning in times of need.

Pack Contains:

Keune So Pure Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml
An incredibly mild shampoo enriched with organic essential oils.

Keune So Pure Moisturizing Conditioner 200ml
A moisturising conditioner for hair and scalp with rich, organic oils that help to restore natural balance.

Keune So Pure Moisturizing Treatment 200ml
A moisturising treatment formulated for dry, porous and damaged hair that penetrates deep and leaves hair soft and shiny.

Keune So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 45ml
Nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil is rich in vitamin A and E, for deep treatments of hair and scalp.