Derma Sensitive Lotion 75ml

Derma Sensitive Lotion 75ml

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Need some calming and soothing action! Then Keune Care Derma Sensitive Lotion for inflamed and irritated scalps is for you.

Created especially for those with sensitive skin and meticulously formulated with allergen-free ingredients.  Derma Sensitive Lotion will reduce redness, itching, inflammation and irritation. It’s formulated without sulphate, alcohol and colour additives and has a low-allergen fragrance. With dedicated use, expect a calm, soothed scalp.


  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Alleviating
  • Sulphate, alcohol and colour additive free
  • For irritated, inflamed scalps
  • Scalp-Soothing Complex: calms dry scalp, alleviates itching and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny


After cleansing with Derma Sensitive Shampoo, towel dry and apply the Lotion drop-by-drop on the scalp, working from front to back. Repeat 5 times until you’re sure you’ve covered enough of your scalp. Then, gently massage in with your fingertips and leave the product. Repeat 2 or 3 times a week, or, in case of acute scalp concerns, daily until they’ve been alleviated.