Micellar Water

Micellar water

We have all seen the wonder on the tv and in our supermarkets for a while now but what is micellar water and what makes it so great?  


Micellar water is made up of Micelles which are tiny balls of oil molecules in purified water and commonly some sort of hydration preserving ingredient such as Betaine 

Doesn’t seem like anything too special but the action these Micelles have on the skin is what makes this product so great. Micelles attract the impurities by vibrating causing them to stick to and remove easily and gently without harsh surfactants and scrubbing. Things such as: 


  • Make up  
  • Pollution residue 
  • Micro-organisms  
  • External aggression  
  • Sweat  
  • Oil  


Here at Chrome we stock the Comfortzone Micellar Water. This product has the active ingredient of Betaine to preserve the natural moisturising factor in the skin making it amazing for ALL SKIN TYPES!  


Comfortzone Micellar Water is a multi-active water for cleansing face, eyes and lips in a single gesture. Fresh, light and extremely delicate, it removes make-up, clears the pores and purifies without the need for rinsing. 


  • This product is a 3 in 1 product being able to be used on the eyes and lips as well as a general facial cleanser.  
  • Soft and gentle being the perfect product for sensitive skins  
  • Hydration preserving Betaine to hold the natural moisturising factor in the skin.  
  • 99% natural origin ingredients  
  • No need to rinse off after cleansing  
  • Great for all skin types  


How do you use this product? They say quick and easy but is it really?  

Yes is the short answer…  

When used on the Face and lips apply the product to cotton pads and remove make-up with circular movements.  


Used as eye make up remover you apply the product to cotton pads, place on the eyes and leave to act for a few seconds, and then proceed with removal with small soft movements.  


When used for deep cleansing, especially for the removal of heavy make-up, the product can be used as a second step after the cleansing milk, ensuring the complete removal of all make-up and impurities, leaving a pleasurable sensation of freshness. 


Recommend to be used morning and evening. Suggested for everyone, especially for those who desire a multi-functional step in one gentle gesture. Suited to hot and cold climates. 


We use the Comfortzone Micellar Water in all our professional in salon facials as well as having the retail version for you to take home.