Massage & Beauty Price List


*Consultations are complimentary, we recommend this if you are wanting a treatment plan mapped for your specific skin type or in-depth assessment prior to your appointment.

* Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so will incur a 50% fee on the service booked.

30min Deep Tissue or Relaxation $60
45min Deep Tissue or Relaxation $70
60min Deep Tissue or Relaxation $85
Indian Head Massage $60
Swedish Massage $80
Sports Massage $89
[ Comfortzone ] Pro Sleep Massage $90 
Pregnancy Massage $90

Hydramemory Express $79
Active Pureness Express $79 
Sublime Skin AHA Express $99
Soothing Remedy Facial $119
Hydramemory Deluxe Facial $129
Active Pureness Deluxe Facial $129
Sublime Skin AHA Lift Facial $139
Sublime Skin AHA Deluxe Facial $149 

Lashes $20
Brows $17
Lash & Brow Combo $29
Eye Trio (lash & Brow tint, Brow shape) $40

Classic Manicure $50
Classic Pedicure $60 
Express Manicure (tidy and paint only) $45
Express Pedicure (tidy and paint only) $45

Brow Shape $15
Upper Lip $15 
Chin $15
Underarms $29 
Tummy Line $15 
Bikini Line $25 
High Bikini $35
Full Arm $40 
Half Arm $29
Full Leg $50
Half Leg $30
Feet & Toes $15


Upper lip & Chin $25     

½ Arm, Hands & Fingers $35

Tummy Line & Bikini Line $35

½ Leg, Feet & toes $35





Life can be a real pain at times and we understand that every now and then things don’t work out as planned. However due to the increase of short notice cancellations and no shows we are having to introduce a cancellation fee. We are a small business that relies on having our clients turn up to their booked appointments, not only so that we can pay the stylist that is at work ready to do your hair, but also so we can pay to keep electricity on and the doors open.


We have now changed our reminder txts to be sent 2 days in advance and now require for you to give us at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment, this gives us the opportunity to offer it to other clients on our waiting list.


We strive to stay on time with our appointments as we understand your time is valuable. We recommend turning up to your appointment 5 minutes early, this allows us to keep our appointments running on time and therefore ensure that the time and care is given to all of our clients. Please note clients running late may be turned away and charged a cancellation fee.


To protect all of our loyal clients appointments, to protect our business from loss of trading, and to ensure your appointment is relaxing and enjoyable, we have adapted the following salon policies. We may use discretion and waive the policy where deem necessary.


We greatly appreciate your support of our business and look forward to seeing your at your next appointment!


  • All no-show clients and cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment a cancellation fee of $35 will be charged

  • Repeat no-show and late cancellation clients will be required to pay a deposit for their future appointments

  • All clients will be sent a confirmation SMS or Email 2 days prior to your appointment